How to make money from home online part time jobs

How to make money from home online part time jobs

In this post, I am giving all my tips and techniques on how to make money from home. All online part time jobs covered here are best known methods. It took me years to get into position that i am today. But it wont be that hard for you after reading this post. Online jobs can be useful for working moms, making money as a kid or a college student. They can be done part time. Some require you to know basic english while others are easy click based. You can earn money online on complete autopilot after you have known the process. You can turn your home into an earning station. I will discuss data entry work from home and other jobs that give you free paypal money. There are no illegal side hustles.

Earning Jan 2020 Adsense

Now, I make around $6000 – $18000 a month, lets be transparent. I dont make millions like gurus. Here, is my last month screenshot. Take it as a motivation. You wont earn this in starting for sure but after some months of work you can make money online autopilot.

As you made this far, I hope my story motivated you. These ups and downs are just a part of make money online journey. You will get a huge headstart after reading this. I have discussed the top 10 proven ways to make money online for beginners with no experience at all. I don't promise you becoming a millionaire, but I can guarantee that you will make around $2000 – $3000 easily by following these methods. And after you try this for at least 2 months, feel free to email me with proofs so that I can share with audiences. Most people don’t take action and are inconsistent. You shouldn’t be worry that many people have read this post, isn’t it saturated? Clear no, because as far my experience tells, only about 3% people take action and few of them are consistent in their work. So, here are online money making methods in no particular order. Some can teach you how to get dollars in minutes.

Survey ( how to make $100 a week on survey junkie and others)

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Before you start to read this, I want to ascertain that the methods are working at the time of the writing. And the method's title are similar to other articles found on the internet but I have mentioned my experienced and pro tips that I have gathered along this journey. And you might wonder why this guy is writing and revealing the methods. Is there any reason behind this? Is he trying to sell me any course by the end of the article? NO. There is no intention like that. Let me clear my intention for this article. First of all, I feel sad when these so called gurus try to lure people in buying expensive courses. I was also a victim, as I mentioned in my story above. I want to make this online world suitable for beginners. Another reason is though I have worked on my other money-making blogs, I haven’t published much on this website. These two are the only reasons I am revealing and sharing tips with you. And if you don’t have patience in reading, you can bookmark this website link and visist later. Most surveys are based on american consumer panels. You can compare surveys to get surveys for money that includes paypal. Survey junkie is one of my favourite site to give surveys.

Enough talking, now let's get back to the topic. A survey is one of the simplest methods to earn money and make dollars fast.I will show you how to make an extra a week. Even you are just a high school, unemployed, or a mom, you can do it as long as you know simple details such as your name, address, zip code, phone, and email. Some may even ask you for payment info. Some might be fake, but others aren’t, and ones I share will be 100% safe. If you are given some products or trial of software, then they will necessarily ask you.

Also, if you are wondering, I am showing my PayPal statements screenshots from the early of 2020. I don’t have time now to fill these surveys. But for newbies, this is the way to get some free money, products, and software trials.

Earnings in Paypal (Survey, app refer and Domain Flipping)

Things you should do when filling out surveys. These tips are protips, so be sure to follow them and learn how to make dollars right now.It is under work from home data entry jobs.

[geot country=”US”] Here are some survey that you can try now:

Paypal spinner

Bestbuy gift card

Best survey

Iphone XR giveaway

Paypal Holiday Gift Card

Vindale Research

Google Play gift Card


Tips for filling surveys and earn free paypal money

  • Submit real details in make money from home surveys because most of them have a cross-check mechanism. For example: In a rush, if you type a random phone number and later when they ask again, then all your hard work is no use. Some survey companies may block you at the cookie level, MAC level, or IP level.
  • Don’t hurry to fill the form. Survey companies are for a cause. They have industry-leading ai powered software system. If you fill it faster than a certain range, then you will be flagged and disqualified by the system.
  • Clear cache and cookies when filling of next surveys. Sometimes a survey company might offer several surveys, and there is almost at all times a tracking cookie in your browser that notifies the system you have taken another survey, they might reject your next entry.
  • If you are using google chrome, I suggest to use that and use this handy extension. This is the most effective plugin and useful for surveys.

Download this extension

  1. If you have multiple computers or multiple browsers, you can multiply your income. You can use this extension in your browser that automates the process.

Download this extension

If the company is offering a free trial or free test product, you will need a card for verification. They won't charge you. And you also need a real shipping address in order to get the product. Below are some packages i received last year.

Test product packages from Survey

Here are the Trusted survey sites. You have to click the link below and register with real details and take surveys. Don't share with your Friends:

I will be sharing more links next month because I am trying them and i only share after i get payout from them. So that the surey are not fake.

Blogging (Pro tips inside)

There are many articles and blogs that discuss how to blog step by step. Self claimed gurus launch $1000 costing blogging courses. And when I first arrived {ip:countryName} back in 2017, I paid $200 for a blogging seminar. It was just nothing more than handshaking fellow bloggers and hearing some non-sense. In this section, I don’t want to bore you or anything like that. I won’t teach you grammar nor how to write in English. I will stepwise write points and you can take it as a blueprint. But keep i mind it not a make dollars fast scheme or how to make dollars right now. Blogging needs patience in first 2 months at least.It is easiest ways for kids, moms to make money.

Free DOWNLOAD: [PDF] How to create a blog super fast

One of the first and foremost thing you should consider is hosting. Most people ignore this and guess what I did that mistake too. Don’t skip any section just by reading first line as I told you earlier that this article is written from my experience contains pro tips and no bull shit. I cant emphasize enough. In layman terms a good hosting means it should be able to show your website or blog to your viewers and should be scalable, flexible if your viewers increase in numbers. It should have servers running almost at all times. When you are just beginning your ourney you can use free hosting but don’t stick with it. Just leave it as soon as you have more than 500 weekly visitors.

Traffic of New site (1 month old)

Even free hosting can handle much more than that but relying on them is a huge mistake you coud possible make.  Take my wirds, this happened to me twice. Initially I was using webshosting called viewen. At those times I was searching free hosting and I came across it. The service was comparable to basic plans of most paid hosting. It was going good but one day they took it down without any prior mail or notification. At that time I was having around 1500 weekly traffic on one of my pet blog. It was not that bad at handling traffic but the overnight decision to have only pro plans and dropping out free plan was basically no good. I could pay that but I hadn’t checked my site for a week as I was out of the town. Later I realized it was down for a week Then I decided if I have to pay why should I trust a company that does such irresponsible and random desion.

So after a trial and error, icame to know some good hosting companies. I have given links to those hosting below that have preapplied discount codes on them for your convenience. The discount code will be updated frequently so that you will have maximum discount.

  1. Bluehost(Recommended)
  2. Wpengine (Second Favourite)
  3. Cloudways (Cloud powered and Managed)
  4. Scala Hosting (My Friend use this)
  5. Hostinger (Cheap and useful for starters)
  6. Namecheap (Its Cheap and reliable)

Always purchased hosting in yearly package or more it will help you save money significantly.You might come across some articles for making blogs on platforms like If you are writing a blog for your spare time, a hobby you can. But if you are thinking long term in blogging ang making money online as a whole, you shouldn’t use it. Some reasons:

They are not brandable. For eg: . In this example blogspot word is added. It seems unprofessional to viewers or readers.

There are limited customization and plugin compared to self hosted wordpress websites.

You are not the owner of your own content. You don’t have control. If you violate any policy, they can take down without notice. You wont have option to backup, restore or download the content.

Hosting Sites Rank with Uptime 2020

Position Web Host Name SpeedUptimeCostPoints Pingdom Unit
#6Scala Hosting73/10094/10019/100186628.8ms
#8 HostGator Shared 16/10082/10085/100183648.7ms

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After you have your hositng you need domain name. Domain name is actual name you want for website. Eg. there android is domain name. If you read other articles on internet, you might have already known this that it is a recurring cost like hosting. Before you start your blog please make a roadmap and schedule beforehand so that it helps in achievement. Below are some downloadable resources.

Now, If you have a long term blogging plan , then pay for the domain hosting at once like for 2 years to 5 years. It also helps in case that you might forget to renew your domain. Same goes for hosting. SO, from my experience I recommend you to put your real email in your hosting and domain register company and allow notifications because if you forget to renew domain it may cost you 100x more to renew and if your grace period expires other people can register.

Pro tip: Try to use domain hosting from same provider. From my experience, Bluehost is good for both domain and hosting. Domain service comes with many discount coupon for first year but have higher recurring charge from second yeaer. Their hosting is not good. And you can save cost by registering domain from godaddy using coupon code and transfer to another registrar after a month.

Use top level domain, like .com I recommend .com over other domain as it is popular among redears. From technical aspect all domain are same .com, .net, .org etc. but people have more habit of viewing sites with .com. So, you have to stick to it unless your domain name is not available.

Domain name has to be choosen carefully.

  • It should resemble your brand.
  • It helps in seo. In seo, there is some favor for exact match keywords.For eg. When you search haristechnicaltips then a domain has more credibility.
  • Domain age and backlinks to the domain, plays a greater role in seo. But don’t buy expired domain unless the name, spam score and backlink qualify meet the recommend levels.

As I mentioned already if you are talking it as career don’t go for blogspot. Once you have purchased your domain and hosting you have to install a popular platform in your hosting called wordpress. It is different from . Most of hosting company after a wordpress installer in their control panel.

Now, WordPress is based on PHP and uses themes and plugins in order to make visually appealing and adding functionalities to your site. Even I can discuss process how to install wordpress, themes , plugins. I will discuss which one is good and what mistakes beginners make that needs to be avoided.

These Themes are best in market. Check their demo and purchase them.

Best WordPress theme for easy Adsense Approval

  1. Publisher (simple light weight with bunch of plugins)
  2. Avada (All rounder theme)
  3. 7 (Versatile theme)
  4. Be Theme
  5. Flatsome (Flat theme)
  6. Newspaper X (Online Newsportal and blog)

Essential Plugins for wordpress 2020

  1. Jetpack for monitoring
  2. Akismet antispam oe other spam
  3. Facebook comments from betterstudio
  4. Mailpoet (Must have Newsletter Plugin)
  5. WPforms or Ninja Form
  6. Social share
  7. Tiny png
  8. Rank math (free and have more facilities compared to high priced yoast)
  9. Content blocker
  10. Anti ad blocker
  11. Backup Buddy (To restore your site in case of failure)
  12. Pretty links
  13. Security Plugin (Hackproof site)
  14. Wp Rocket (Make your site blazing fast)

Now I will tell oyu how to monetize your blog.Blogging comes under easy side hustles. Here are some pro tips regarding monetization in no particular order.

Free Download: Best Backlink strategies for your blog

Make your mindset. Initially don’t ever think of money. Just write blog posts as passion. So, when starting a blog on certain niche, choose a niche that overlaps with your interest/ hobby with possible high paying niches. For eg. If you are health freak then go on with health niche since it is high paying niche too.

There are many monetization methods for blogs but one every beginner should do is google adsense. To get google adsense approval you need following things:

  • Roughly 10-12 posts that are unique and self written. Don’t copy or spin other article since google will detect that more posts the better.
  • Don’t try to outsmart google unless the plan is really unique and adhere with their policy.
  • Organize your blog, so that it is navigatable from one page to other. There should be header and footer that should have contact, about and privacy policy page.
  • Adsense don’t have traffic requirements but I urge you to apply after getting few visitors. Don’t ever use bot traffic because it is against thieir terms and conditions.
  • Use a clean theme. It doesn’t matter free or paid but in most of my sites I use newspaper and publisher and there hasn’t been rejection so far.
  • If you are applying for adsense don’t use any popus not third party ad networks. You may later add third party ads as long as they are compatible.
  • Make your blog look professional. Don’t  publish articles with low quality articles or poorly written article. And as far as content goes write on newer topics.
  • When you apply for adsense, always use a fresh computer or device otherwise you will get mail that you already have adsense account.
  • During adsense signup always use real information as they might ask you to upload citizenship for verification if they suspect invalid activity.
  • Other monetization methods is local marketing where you write your local news and contact companies directly for advertisement of their product. You need to show a resonalble report like your website analytics and report. And coming back to monetization network, you can try bing ads network ( exoic ads etc once you have a good traffic.
  • You can also use traffic network such as Taboola, revcontent that adds article like content ads. They can be placed on the end of article for higher income and audience engagement.
  • If you don’t like ads and think about the visistor user experience then you can use affiliate marketing. I will discuss affiliate marketing later in this article.
  • If you are working mom you can start mom blogs, mompreneur blog, food blogs because many people search for this and it falls under their comfort zone.

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Now lets talk about traffic. If you have made it upto here, hats off to you. You are dedicated to this article and its my responsibility to give you more pro tips as I can. So, traffic is just a number of visitors. From my experience if your site has a weekly 1000 visitors from tier 1 countries then you can easily get more than $10 per day easily. Tier 1 country are bigger countries where there are high income people and companies spend huge bucks on advertising their high ticket products. The result ie. Earning $10 per day is not typical. It varies according to niches, you can getmore on healthm insurance niches. I will tell about niches after this section.

SEO Traffic (Organic Traffic)

  • No. 1 traffic source is SEO. It is more reliable means of getting traffic and moreover free. It stands for serach engine optimization. Such traffic are highly engaging. You can make a good use of that. There are many seo tips across the internet. The article will be long in itself so it is not practically possible to cover all the seo. So I will cover main points

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  • Use silo structure. Is simply means that the organization of the blog contents under categoris and so on.
  • When installing new thems in wordpress you generally get option to fetch demo content. The demo articles should be removed and replaced with your articles because it might affect negatively in seo if they get indexed by google.
  • Use simple post name permalink. For eg: should be discouraged compared to
  • Use your main keyword in your permalink, title and at least 2 occurences in first paragraph of your blog. If possible tags and categories should revolve around your keyword. But keep in mind not to overdo it as it falls under keyword stuffing. Seo plugins ill help you achieve this easily.
  • Submit your site to google serach engine console, bing and Yandex console. Adding your site and verify your site gives option to see your ranking searches as well as allows you to resrve ranking on exact match keywords.
  • You must use plugin like rankmath. Follow all the requriements plugin says and they have scoring mechanism. Try to get high score as possible.
  • Always use alt-text for images. You shouldn’t stuff keywords but describe the picture. You can be sneaky to add some keywords.
  • For authority make social accounts and link them to your website.

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  • You can submit your site manually by going to google search engine console. Just search and fetch your url.
Google Serach Console Fetch URL
  • Always try to be away from gray hat and black hat seo practices. Google AI and its ever changing algorithm can hit you hard.

Free Download: Free Guest post sites list VOL 1.0

Free Download: Free Guest post sites list VOL 2.0


Quora Monthly Traffic

Second traffic source that is reliable is quora. Quora is question answer site. Here you simply need to answer questions and you can link your blog url. But quora is not easy for beginners at least to get traffic. Because for new users it can flag spammy if you create account and goto bunch of question, answer and put your link. Here are pro quora tips:

  • Make authority in your account. Your account should have good question/answer rate and don’t put any links for a month.(Recomended)
  • The age of account is another authority method.
  • Make your mindset to help people and provide information. Don’t put all information. Provide climax point then provide link to your blog.
  • Don’t answer questions where there are many answers because your answer wont be seen by most of the users and hence its of no use.
  • Search for freshly posted questions. In settins turn on notification so that quora can send you notification and mails when someone requests answer from you or new questions are added in your niche.
  • When creating an account only subscribe the categories that really interests you and according to your niche.
Viral website Traffic using Quora plus Whatsapp


Third traffic source is pinterest. Pinterest is a site where there is a pin and board system like real notice board. You can create pins and post that in your board. You can request board with higher audiences to post your pin. Most of them charge you money for things. Pay if their boards is really engaging and forecast your profit. When making pins always use higher quality images. You can use canva for this (aff). When posting always reserch for titles, keywords and tags for your pin. You can contact and make a group of pinterest users with higher audiences and cross post.

How to get Pinterest Traffic Exclusive tips 2020

Pinterest Monthly Visitors
  • Make Board to your relevant niche for example if you submit pins of Jewelry then make a board like this.
  • 1000 Ideas of Fashion Jewelry
  • 1000 Designs Of Women Jewelry
  • 1000 Ideas Of Contemporary Jewelry
  • In each board have a child category by the name of Collection” make A Board by the name of 1000 Ideas of Fashion Jewelry or in board make different collections boards like this Ring, Bracelet, Necklace, Fashion Jewelry, Gold Jewelry, or something else.
  • Also Use Business account
  • Pins consistently
  • Provide 20 words description of your Pins
  • If you share your affiliate products or sold something else then provide Price in pins before description
  • Also use related #tags after description
  • If your pin related to specific country then use related #tags
  • Repins your rich pins those showing in Pinterest analytics
  • An Example: Search Diamond Wedding Ring in Pinterest, or repins some top result pins in your Jewelry board these provide a kind of link juice to your desired board but keep in mind post 90% of your websites pins or 10% others search result pins.
  • Make multiple boards

With this simple strategy I get up to 60% of traffic on my website from one of my pinterest profile or have 1 Million unique viewers in a month or getting allot of follower for my profile. But keep in mind I am not here in a days or months I got this in one and half years.

There are other more notable traffic sources like reddit, youtube, guest posting but as you know it becomes a book if I write on these topics. Here are some useful links if you are interested. But goto link only after reading this whole article otherwise your lfow gets disturbed and your information fades away. Believe in me I also used to multitask and read many articles in different tabs at once.

As I had promised here are highly profitable niches that you can get if you are really interested in that too. And always try to make your blog niche down ie. Be specific.

  • Insurance

Hire Professional content writers for $5

  • Mortgage
  • Health (nees prof google verifies and ranks accoridingly)
  • Travel(travel destination, hotels, facilities, activities)
  • Tech (reviews,top)

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Affiliate Marketing

Hey congrats, you have made so far. Remember all the things I have told you so far and will be telling is useless if you don’t take action. Now lets get back to the topic Affiliate Marketing. So , affiliate marketing is simply selling others product without actually owning the product. It is one of the passive online jobs. It is different from dropshipping because there are no terms such as shipping, inventory or anything such. In simple words affiliate marketers have been given special links. Anyone clicks the link go to the product page and purchases the affiliate marketer get certain percentage as commission. In affiliate marketing, the product has to be purchased by the visitor. The percentage depends on the affiliate product own terms.

Here are pro tips for affiliate marketing.

  • Don’t be an affiliate of every system out there. Be an affiliate of product that is related to your niche and even better if you have used it and found useful. In such case you can better share your experiences and testimonial which has higher engagement as well as commission. And avoid unrelated products, if your affiliate marketing strategy involves sharing links on your blogs then you relevant ones. For eg if your blog is on health niche, a ffiliate product related to baby might not be a good choice.
  • There are generally 2 ways of getting traffic, organic and non – organic. If you have budget then you should go non-organic post boost using facebook, bing ads, google ads and so on. I cant share in-depth information on which affiliate network is best because it varies according to niches of product you are promoting.
  • Blog is not absolute necessary. You can promote the link directly. But making a blog can give the visitor more personalization and in depth information. So from my years of information a squeeze page or a single page website can convert more sales. In some cases 5x more than normal blog.
  • To make your own landing pages has many benefits including a overview of product for client that is moer combined and a possibility of retargeting user by collecting their emails.
  • Always collect emails, use trackers of your own. Because most of the users don’t buy the product when they first see it. He/she might be busy or whatsoever remarketing, retargeting what you call, building a good email flow with related helpful tips and then giving product links at right time is the most helpful strategy out there.
  • For email marketing use tool like getresponse. I have personally used it and its autoresponser works like charm. Even though it is slightly expensive you will get 100% value out of it. Autoresponder is a software that responds or sends emails in automated sequence.


You might ask which tool you prefer to make  a landing page that converts well. I am sharing the exact tool and once you use it for a week then you can really feel its potential. I use builderall to make product pages, one page blogs and landing pages.

Builderall Dashboard
  • Now here comes the exciting part and if you miss this you are limiting yourself. Many newbies marketers who are starting out just use one template landing pages. They make and deploy one landing page and send traffic to that page but they are doing it wrong. I was also on same track back then. Instead of thinking this might be it you have to get a statistical and proven fact. So, in this case A/B testing can be done. Those who don’t know what A/B testing its testing multiple versions of the landing page and sending traffic to all of them. You might think why you are spending so much on ads traffic across all these pages, it multiplies the cost by the factor of the landing pages you create. In some way yes it is comparatively more costly. But in long term absolutely no. By sending traffic I mean sending traffic to all of them as a sample study. Suppose there are two versions of landing pages you first send a test traffic let say a campaign of $30 for each of them. So, after $30 has been spent you can see the result which landing page performed better in terms of conversion. Then you can scale that. Here is one example, if I hadn’t use A/B testing I would have spent a huge money on non-working version and get minimal results.
  • Next thing is absolute must ie. Clocaking the affiliate links. Cloaking means not exposing weird looking original tracking links. For eg. Dsfsdfsadf can be shortened to yourdomain/recommends/ so that it has higher trust and click through rate. Personally I have used many of those. Out of them I love Pretty Links . It does its job with ease.
  • Alwasys read the affiliate product terms and conditons. There might be extra hidden steps in order to count that transaction as valid.
  • Look for evergreen products in your niche. I mean non-seasonal products and moreover the ones with recurring incomes. Those multi tier commissions are true form of passive income. For eg X buys product you get commission from X and when Y buys from Affiliate link of X then you also get few % of that.

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  • Abide by the international rules such as CCPA GDPR and so on. You have to mention disclaimer that the links are affliliate and you get certain % of that. You might want to write that in well convincing words and abide by the rules at the same time. For eg: to help this blog we have used affiliate links in our blog. This gives certain % of the purchase to us, you don’t get any extra charges and it will support us.

Some top affiliate programs are:


Maxbounty Earning Proof

CPA stands for cost per action. This means you get certain amount when the user visiting the link does certain action. Like affiliate there is nothing involved physically. The beauty of CPA marketing is it doesn’t need the user to necessarilty purchase the product. They just have to take action. The action can be submitting emails, your pin codes, phone number, your info etc.

Most of the tips for CPA marketing can be modified slightly and used from affiliate marketing sectin. You just have to play on your mind and think ot tacticas that can make use believe that it is beneficial for him in some way. So, read affiliate section once again before continuing.

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Here are some protips besides those mentioned in affiliate marketing section.

  • Use giveaways and free product testing because people love free stuffs.
  • If you are eginner go for single optin commission product.
  • Don’t get lured by product that have high eCPM. You should manually check if their landing page is convincing and simple enough to take action.
  • Always use good CPA networks that have good reviews. Top Affiliate includes Max bounty, offer vault, CPAbuild, CPAgrip so on.

CPA networks have generally a mechanism for assigning a manager for you. Since, a manager can only assist few people. They have a verification process when creating an account. They simply ask you question related to your previous experience, your niche and how you promote product.

Pro How to get verified on maxbounty [Exclusive Phone Interview]

Even though title mentions maxbounty, it can be used to verify different CPA networks like offervault and so on. As I have mentioned before the CPA network use some form of verification they mostly use phoen verification and sometimes on skype and some form of video commynicarion. So what thwwy will ask is breaked down stepwise and a sample audio of my friend applying for maxbounty.

q. They ask how are you and are you available?

Tell them you are fine and ask them how he is doing. And it just takes maximum 5-6 minutes so tell them you are available if you are busy also. Because they have many applications and they don’t have time to recall you.

q. What are you previous experience?

Warning !! Don’t copy exact words. Make it natural. Tell them you did X month or years in affiliate marketing the you moved to CPA after X months and now I got suggestin from my friend to try max bounty. Tell them maxbounty have good products and review overall and the products are very suitable from my niche.

q. Which niche are you comfortable with?

Maxbounty product list page can be viewed without login. Go through it and remember one niche product. Eg. I am working in heath niche for  X years.. etc

q. How will you promote?

Just tell them some good traffic sources like I have used bing ads in past and they have shoewn pretty good results in your X niche. Along the way I have collected a buch of email list that I will also use for sure.

Maxbounty Phone interview line by line

If you get Phone call they are 70% interested in your account. So, talk accordingly.

He : Hey, May I speak to (name) please?

Me : Yeah, this is (name).

He : Hey, this is (Manager Name) from Maxbounty how are you doing today?

Me : I’m good thank you.. How about you?

He : I’m doing well thanks.. Just have a few questions to get you approved in today.

Me : Yeah okay..

He : So, Have you ever worked with any affiliate network before, (name)?

Me : Yeah.. I’ve worked with (network name) and have sold their products like (product names). I prefer selling health products because I’ve a blog dedicated to health niche. I have checked MaxBounty’s campaign list and I’m looking forward to promote health products from MaxBounty..

He : Okay sounds good! What kind of offers you wanna promote?

Me : I’ve checked that there are products (product names) on MaxBounty and I think I can promote them very well.

He : Okay Sounds good! So, I can send you those links to start right away ok (name)?

Me : Yeah sure..

He : So, last thing.. What are your traffic sources and how you get people to promote our offers? From your website?

Me : Yeah, I’m getting good amount of users from Google and other search engines and I’ll promote all your products on my website. You can have a look at my website.. I’m getting around (quantity of users) every month..

He : Okay awesome! That’s great.. Your site looks really cool..

Me : Thank you!

He:  Awesome! So, thank you so much (name)..

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Android Apps

Another cool and less saturated way is to develop android app. But don’t get the word develop overwhelm you. This method is less saturated thatn others because they don’t know anythong and scred to get into this. But making android apps is easier than you thought or at least earn money from it. There are mostly three ways of making apps.

  • Using code marketplace
  • Using app builder
  • Developing own skills

Using code marketplace

It is one of the easiest way to get started.Those are many websites like code canyon, codester where develoeprs upload source code with documentation on how to customize them. Yeah , you heard it right. They upload full funcational source code and you can configure and customize to your liking. If you haven’t tried this there can be a learning curve of at most a week. Most of the stpes mentioned in document either in stepwise picture tutorial or video. You need to dpownlod free software called android studio. Open the source code in it and follow documentation. If you still find it difficult you can hire a freelance developer on fiverr or they can set it up for you with additional charge.

These app source code generally cost you around $30 to $60. Some popular app links are given below:

Using app builder

Using app builder is beginner friendly. It still has a learning curve but it doesnot invilce code. You might want to skip but its not as wasy as these fake gurus claim you have to work initially so that they later become a passive income for you. It uses blocks which can be dragged and dropped. There are many tutorial and app templates over youtube. Learn to build some apps and just after a week you can make one yourself easily. It is easier way to make your android app and earn money but it is limited as compared to android studio and self coding.

Some of the app builders that you can use for free are:

  • Appy Pie.
  • Shoutem.
  • Swiftic.
  • GoodBarber.
  • BuildFire.
  • Mobincube.
  • AppInstitute.
  • AppMachine

Developing your own Android app super Easy

Developing your own programming or app building skill is profitable. You can start a part time career of building android apps. You can provide services to your local companies and even work as freelance online, it helps to gain some part time income. You can learn app making skill by following this tutorial. If you don't know what is coding you can learn to code now.

Hire Professional Android Developers for $5Hire Now

After you choose any of the above method you need to upload the app so that people can download the app and use it. As you knoe Google play store is the official app store for android which has billions of app. We are also uploading our app to play store. To do this first you need a developer account. Google charges a one time fee of $25, its also a verification mechanishm. You can upload unlimited apps on your account. But before you upload please reas their terms and policies because violation of these can suspend your apps and after multiple app suspension your account will get suspended permanently.

Free Android Apps Source Code 2020

Below are my free android app source code for my readers for personal Use. You need to install android studio for this.

Monetizing your apps

TO earn from the apps there are basically 3 primary ways and many dervations.

Direct ads placement

One of the method that get huge bucks is direct ads. Direct ads means you contact the party for the ads. Once you negotiable and receive payment you will put their banner ads inside pp as per defiend in the agreement.

Using Ad network

This is the most common way of monetizing you app. When your app is ready and published on playstore, then apply for either admob, facebook audience network or unity ads. Admob is from google so its from google so it’s the first ad network you can try.

There are many tutorials on internet that shows how to integrate admob on those. It just involves adding few lines of code. Below are the links to the articles in case you wan to learn further.

Ad Networks list 2020

1. AdMob6. Chartboost
2. Facebook7. Unity Ads
3. InMobi8. Fyber
4. Media.net9. AdColony
5. Smaato10. IronSource

Paid app

Making an app paid means users need to spend money to download your apps . Users don’t pay until there is significant features in your app that are pleasing, entertaining or hugely beneficial for them. Most developers upload a free version app with annoying ads and limited features and this urges power users to purchase a pro version of app where there are more features and no ads. To make an app paid you need to go to developer console and make a merchant account . Once approved you can make your app paid. Google takes certain % of the income.


Youtube Lifetime Earning on this channel

Youtube is one of the easiest way to make money online if you have some content that attracts a group of audience. But it is not easy as 2015 where channel was monetized after you create it. Now it needs 400 hours watchtime and 100 subscribers in order to send it to review. It is then reviewed and accepedted if ti lies in accordance to their policies. As technology advanced the youtube copyright, limited as etc are evolving day by day. youtube is also an excellent as job opportunities for housewives.

In this section I am not teaching you how to create a channel. That’s easy as abc to create a youtube channel. The art lies in gaining subscribers and watchtime first to submit for review them to actually earn money and make $ fast. Most people wonder how many views on youtube to make money or how much money do tiktokers make but its not fixed. Its not fixed either how much does youtube pay you for  million views. It depends on the niche, demographic, device and generally calculated using term CPA.

  • Channel art, channel dp, channel about section should be made professionally.

Make your channel art easily for youtube

  • Don’t forget to put channel keywords. They are different from your individual video tags and found under settings. This is essential otherwise it will affect your search visibility of channel.
Channel Tags
  • Branding should be followed across channel. It helps audience to know your content even by watching few seconds of your video. It starts with thumbnail, intro, lower thirds and endscreen. Another branding can be applied to your video from the settings as shown below. Make sure to choose entire video option. Make a professional logo and put in PNG format,
Youtube Video Branding Settings
  • Use this end screen template. According to my experience this one is best and less distracting.
Youtube best working End screen

Use of green screen, subscribe button etc

Free Download: Youtube Green Screen Pack VOL.1

  • I urge you to be in video or at least voice over rather than no audio footage. It is one of the verification factor taken into consideration by youtube reviewers.
  • If you are using copyrighted audio then don’t use more than 7 seconds. It comes under fair use. Otherwise you will get copyright claim.
  • Copyright claim and copyright strike are different. Copyright claim is generally auto identified or generated by youtube content ID matching system or sometimes by agencies. It doenst affect your channel satnding. But they can place ads in your video and take revenue from there. They can block it worldwide too or specific regin.
  • While copyright strikes are manual. Big creators have hored agency that monitor if the content gets stolesn and uploaded on other channel. They will give you strike. If you get 3 strikes in 3 months period then your channel is deleted and you cant create any more channel from that gmail account. An expiry of 1 strike is 3 months and each strike will have their individual expiry date.
Youtube sample Copyright Strike
  • Make your channel a brand account. It has benefits such as adding managers. It is helpful when you hire people to manage your channel. You can give access to them without providing email and passwords.
  • In about section, always mention your email. It helps brands to contact you for promotion.

Free Download: Youtube Channel Art template 2020

  • Create account on famebit(Youtube owned) where you can contact and request brands for promotion on your channel.
  • You should install either tubebuddy or vidiq chrome extension. These tools are helpful to get valuable insights of competitors such as how much views they got per hour, comments, social sharing, tags they use. You can replicate and add your touch. Even when you are uploading your video it helps in tags and keyword research. They have free plan also. So it is easy to get started. Here are links to download for free

Get TubeBuddy (Recommend Star plan)

Get VidIQ (Recommend BOOST plan)

  • Make your thumbnail by taking few hours. You can also A/B test thumbnail but its nto compulsory. Make your thumbnail clickbait but include the content in video. Good example is mr beast
Mrbeast Youtube Thumbnail

Make Youtube thumbnail for $5Make Now

  • A lot of Newbies find it difficult or give excuse of not having high end euipments. But in my view its just a plain excuse. You see lot of top youtubers had history where they started with their mobile phone. Content matters first, quality of video comes second,
MKBHD started channel with simple resources

You can also find and check this. Goto favourite youttubers channel and sort by date.

  • Many People are uploading montages and compilations of other channels. If you are doing so you will get demonetized if you don’t add any value in the video. So, if you are doing that make sure to add pause and explain what they dis as well as add your facecam in the whole video.
  • Always use 2 factor authentication. It helps prevent from being hacked.
  • Extra caution has to be taken when making child content CCPA policy.
  • Technically, according to google you can have only 1 adsense account. So you can connect multiple channels to 1 adsense account.

Youtube channel Monetization Tips 2020

The most challenging part for most of the people is monetization. Here are some tips to help to get channel monetized. ALthough these tips are genuine and fair , i dont want to violate google policy so i have attached a external document for Youtube monetization 2020.

Free Download: [PDF] Youtube Monetization tips 2020

Below are some youtube networks if you wan to join them. Always read the contract and their policy because some take huge commission.

  • Alloy Digital.
  • Big Frame.
  • Blip Studios.
  • Creator Republic.
  • FullScreen. Creator X (part of FullScreen and VidStatX)
  • Machinima.
  • Maker Studios. RPM. Social Blade (part of RPM)
  • PMC Studios.

Best video editors for youtube 2020

  • Camtasia
  • Wondershare Filmora9 Video Editor.
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Vegas Pro.
  • iMovie
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020

Hire Professional video Editors for $5Hire Now

Article writing

If you are fond of writing and have good pace of typing then you can earn few thousand dollars easily. Initially you can write for cheap like 1000 words for $3 to $5 . Yeah that’s the basic rate of writing and measured on basis of how much words you put. Before writing any article , browse google and have information on what to include and what not to. This is the key of writing a resourceful article. Don’t write lengthly article as I am doing now. Jokes aside, after you have written a bunch of articles you might learn SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of optimizing words in articles according to search terms that people use to search in google. It is basically delivering the user queried information in intuitive manner. It just takes a week to learn and you are good to go. You can get more valuation if you mention that you write seo optimized articles. You can even provide extra royalty free images related to article . It helps to establish client relationship.

There are few tools used for writing your articles.

There are many ways you can provide these services. There are sites like:

  • Wow Women on Writing
  • Strong Whispers
  • Link-Able
  • Watch Culture
  • Sitepoint
  • Uxbooth

where you can submit your articles. It is like a community of authors and you get paid $. Another way is to write guest post for other website. There is some screening before and after you submit your article. Another most profitable is freelancing you can do freelancing on sites like fiverr people per hour, upwork. If you get direct client its even better because you don’t have to educt commission from earning. TO learn more about freelancing I have dedicated section related to fiverr.

Tshirt selling

Tshirt sell online

Wait what? Tshirt making. Yup, thsirt printing is one of the most profitable online job you can imagine. You might be thinking I don’t have machines, tshirt, and nothing related. But you don’t need any of those for this method. It’s a form or variation of dropshiping. In this method, you can go to shites like teespring, sunfrog or..XYZ then make your account. There will be section where you can design and create an online sotre. Then you just have to share the link of the store. When any visitor goes to the store and buys tshirt with your design then you get money deducting the manufacturing cost and commission. Generally you can squeeze upto $10 profit in 1 tshirt. It can vary. Don’t try to increase profit margin but concentrate on volume.Generate autopilot cash online easily with tshirt printing.

In tshirt printing, one of the challenge is convincing buyer to buy your tshirt. You must have a rough idea why should they buy it.

Now after these information I have pro tips that are from my experience. Just follow these:

  • People buy stuffs if they have emotional connection with your design.
  • To develop emotional connection make design related to mom baby, military emotion, national sentiment, hobby such as gardening, programming related, pets related, motivation quotes, funny etc
  • Before you mek store make sure you have a right and targeted audience base. I suggest you to make an Instagram page related to one of the niche. For eg. Mother baby page.. after getting few thousand followers you can put links in story, posts and bio.
  • If you don’t want to make your own Instagram page then you can spend few bucks on influencers. They will promote your sotre.
  • Always use tracking like  because it helps to give valuable demographics insights and make links look shorter.
  • Don’t put copyrighted material on your design. You might get banned and can face legal issues if company behind that material fights back.
  • Always be specific when your launch facebook ads or google ads and target certain  demographic and age group.
  • Brand your store pages, facebook pages it helps to gain authority.
  • Always research keywords and tags that you put in your product page.
  • You can use multiple products besides tshirt such as cups , frames etc
  • Always be in shoe of audience. Being on their mindset leads to higher sales and conversion.

Tshirt selling sites list 2020

  • UberPrints
  • Custom Ink
  • Discount Mugs
  • Café Press
  • Spreadshirt
  • Teespring
  • SunFrog

App refer

This is an easy job and can be done using only your mobile phone. There are hundred if not thousand of apps that use this strategy to lure the audience. The process is realtively simple. You just have to go to link below,install the apps and make and account. After you make an account, there will be section where you can get your referrel code. And yes if you are making account use our referrel code for addiotnal bonus materials. In some cases they help to verify your account faster too. These apps generally provide free steam codes, best survey apps, visa gift card to cash.

You can literally earn money online on autopilot. And please do comment if something is not working , it helps me to write article like this that is helpful for you:

App links: i will be updating tomorrow!!


Fiverr Earning Dashboard

Talking about fiverr, it is one of the best and top rated freelancing website. Most of the basic services start from 5$ dollars but it can be more it’s a marketplace where freelancer list their services. The services are called gig. Users can go and buy services. The freelancer delivers the product. Fiverr takes 20% of your transaction. Even though it seems easy, fiveer is really competitive. From my three years of experience I have listed down all the tips that you need to succeed in fiverr. Below are the tips to be successful in fiverr and how to make $ fast .

A good description of anything has a related keyword in it. Ranking algorithms take this as one of the primary ranking factors. For e.g. If your description is about a graphic design then it must contain related keywords like png, jpg, tools name etc. If you are writing an article on sleep, how it’s possible that there aren’t related keywords like eyes, bed, sleeping, etc. The more related keywords are used, the more chances are there for your article to get ranked. So, this is how to rank based on text. Then there are other elements as well on the basis of which we can rank like text, description, image, title etc. Every element has a special value/importance.

  • Use your own profile picture as it increases your authority and familiarity to your buyer. The picture must be look professional. It can vary according to types of gig you are providing. If you have any privacy problems or whatsoever the reason you can always upload a logo of your name or company. But don’t use copyrighted images. It’s not directly related to ranking but helps indirectly. It will build trust to your buyer as most people like to work with people rather than the company and buyer will give your order and with that order.
  • Add the languages which you can speak.
  • Link your own social media account (at least 2 accounts). Share your links on different social media platforms it genuinely helps in ranking. Fiverr boosts gigs that haven been shared more in external sites.
  • Add your skills in the skills section and add all related keywords about that skill over there. In profile description you have to describe who are you for eg. filmmaker, logo maker, web developer etc. then write at least 3 to 5 years’ experience then add what services you are going to deliver on fiverr. Attach your education and certificates if you have any. And always create a portfolio website or portfolio as downloadable pdf. And if you have your dedicated portfolio, do mention it’s URL there in the Gig’s description under the heading “My Portfolio”.
  • Find a low competition keyword by searching different keywords about your service in Fiverr search bar.  Then search by your main keyword and then open Top Rated or Level 2 gigs from the search result of that main keyword.
  • After opening 5-10 gigs, make a list of all their tags, and find the common tags among them. And use them in your own gig tags. And use the rest of the related keywords in your gig’s description.
  • If you are providing general logo designing, then open top gigs with that main general category i.e. “logo design” else if it’s about retro logo design, hipster logo, modern logo open-top gigs in that category.
  • Write a long description as you can.  Because you have to try to get full marks in each element e.g. in the title, description, tags, image etc. Because if a top-rated gig has a short description, he might have got full marks in other elements that why he is ranked. Don’t follow what others have done in their gig, use your own mind and give your best and try to get full marks in each ranking element. You must use numbering, bullets, highlight and bold. Also, it must be clear and to the point. In requirement section mention things you need from buyer.
  • Don’t copy-paste anything.  You can get the idea but copy-paste isn’t allowed, but yes some words could be the same as we have no other way except writing those words. It applies to gig image as well description.
  • At least make 3 gigs in the same category, for example, it’s logo design category, and subcategory is a modern logo, make another gig with subcategory retro logo etc. It gives a signal to Fiverr search engine about your niche and helps you rank in Fiverr search engine. In this way, you’ll see more buyer requests as well. Use right category and subcategory.
  •  Set the gig price according to the market, so you can get the order quickly. And later on, when you get more orders, you can change your price to a higher price.  If you are new seller or level 1 then on your basic cost must be $5. It is suggested to make your cost and days lowest till you get level 2.Set the delivery time to 1 day, it’s really beneficial. Fiverr will rank your gig because the buyer wants quick delivery. You can also write delivery time in the Gig’s image, it would be more beneficial too like you can write “Less than 24 hours delivery”.
  •  Must add maximum possible frequently asked questions.
  •  Add the main keyword in the title preceded by a professional sentence and don’t change the title after making your gig.
  •  Stay online 24/7. Install the app, keep it on, also refresh it after 5-10 minutes, navigate different pages etc. Don’t use auto-refresh tools, there are many disadvantages to that. Preferable to Time to stay online: 12 am to 7 am (IST)
  •  Try to get orders from buyers request initially, it’s also a ranking factor. Because getting an order and having reviews is also a ranking factor.
  •  Fiverr also has negative points like cancelling the order, delivery late etc. So, avoid these. Don't cancel orders it will harm your order completion rate. Mutual cancellation is better than support cancellation.
  •  Never ever get fake orders because illegal is illegal. Fiverr will surely catch you not because of you, but from whom you have got the fake order. Sooner or later Fiverr will catch you by any means. Moreover, you wouldn’t have satisfaction this way. Only earn with legal way.
  •  Save your gig image with your main keyword in your computer and then upload to Fiverr. If you are not earning yet, delete your Fiverr account by asking Fiverr to delete and allow you to make another account to change username.
  • Deliver on time and be humble, loyal with buyers.
  • Abide by fiverr polices. They have strict policies against sharing your personal details. Never use words related to share, email etc during chat it might flag and send to fiverr quality control. If client ask you to send email or anything just reply that it is not allowed to share anything personal, it is strictly against fiverr policies.
  • Don’t use 2 accounts on same device.
  • Use explainer video. It helps to boost your gig ranking.
  • Send buyer requests daily. There is no fixed timing for sending buyer requests just send whenever you want to.
  • Always provide something extra and bonus than what is mentioned in your gig and mention you have provided extra because you like the communication. Also the presentation of deliverables needs to be clean and as promised.

Free Download: EASY gigs Pack Ulimate LIST

Intros and outros method (example):

There is much orders on intros and outros in freelancing.

find out ready made templates of intros and outros made by adobe after effects, download templates, choose attractive ones and save all.

download adobe after effects.

edit template images and text of templates and deliver it to buyer

Voice Over (example):

Specially for ladies.

Softwares also available to change voice pitch to change your voice.

Background Remover (Example):

if you have no skill then there are tools and websites to do this (

if the task is complicated and you are unable to remove background properly then download latest adobe photoshop and learn its tutorial from youtube to remove backrounds of images.

Playging Games – PUBG etc (Example):

There are many gigps in which people offer you to play games with them.

Play with them and they will pay for it .

Other Example: Solving Assignments, Writing Articles etc


Free DOWNLOAD: [PDF] More 20 ways to make money online during self quarantine CoronaVirus

Another method that i am going to briefly cover is cryptography. Make money with cryptography. Crptography is not that hard, you can breifly surf over the internet to get more indepth knowledge. Even you wonder how can you make money with cryptography at first. Its a form of currency that helps in anonymous transaction. There are many ways: One is hardware mining and other involve browser extension. Cryptocurrency needs powerful cpu and memory in order to solve the transaction data. If you help to solve the mathematical info using your hardware then you get share of that money.


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