How to use Esport gaming logo maker with name – Free App

How to use Esport gaming logo maker with name – Free App

As the Esport industry especially Mobile esports industry has seen a boom in recent years. After the advent of pubg mobile in 2017, it took a almost a year to bloom and after that the growth has skyrocketed in exponential manner. Today there are esport touranaments at all levels ranging from locals privately sponsored to big official global event. So nowadays other mobile games such as freefire, call of duty, mobile legends, fortnite etc share the mobile esport industry and many are yet to come.

Tutorial to make esports logo free with your name

In this process you need one app. The gaming logo ideas app is a app where you can download cool gaming logos but if you need to add your text then you should download the Esport gaming logo maker with name – Free App. It is the ultimate logo maker app you will ever need.

Step:1 Download this App:

Esport gaming logo maker with name – Free

The download link of the app is given below. First step of this free logo making process is to of course download the app.

Open the App and tap on create logo. For your ease, i have made a screenshot accordingly.

Next Step is to choose background colour. This is optional, if you want a logo with transparent background then it is possible with this app. Otherwise you can choose colour as shown in picture below:

Now if you want a frame or a shape that is outside the app then goto logo then under shape choose the shape you want. Please note that ordering of elements cannot be changed later so use the items in order you want from back.

For Illustration purpose i have used a big badge that i will put behind the logo.

After tapping this badge the screen will look like this. A green background with the selected badge.

Now the next step is choosing logo from the huge collection of the gaming logo. The gaming logos are high quality as of my knowledge, If the logo is having irregular shapes in border you can contact developer at this mail :

I have choosen a skull logo for this example. Possibility of customization is endless. And still you don't have enough logo or unsatisfied then you can download gaming logo from this app. The logo is updated daily.

Download 1500+ gaming logo updated daily

After all these steps the logo look somewhat like this. Its a cool gaming logo. One thing that is missing is text ie. your name. To add text tap on add text button. Then the screen will be like the image below.

Add the text you like. And one thing you should note is by default there may be underline in text. To resolve that issue jsut press space once after your text.

Choose the font and font colour. In this example i just changed the font, colour is white. The diffuse option makes the shadow in text soft or harsh. The horizontal and vertical slider control the direction of the shadow. After you are satisfied with your text. Tap on Done.

Finally, after you insert the text. The logo looks somehow like this. Press on the save button. After you press the save button, there will be a small video ad. After the ad a dialog box appears and you can save the gaming logo you just created.


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