How to get a Premium VPN app for android for FREE!!

How to get a Premium VPN app for android for FREE!!

How to Use the VPN Super Ultimate App

The App is very straight forward to use. But if you are finding it difficult to use i am giving exact steps:

  1. First of All you need to download the App. The App is totally safe and is available in Google Play.

The interface looks something like this.

  1. There are few buttons like a power on/off button, Server locations button, how to use and get coins button. The App is coin based, so you have to have necessary coins in order to connect.
  1. So initially you need to click on get coins button. Make sure you disable ad blocker or have a working internet connection otherwise it will not work. A video ad will load. Don't close the ad as it will cancel the coin reward. Wait until the Ad finishes.
  1. After the Ad finishes, Go back and you will see 50 coins have been added. For one time VPN connection, you will need 50 coins. The connection can be either from premium server or free server.
  1. To select the server, tap on the server locations and you will see the screen as below. The top server are the premium servers and are faster than the free servers. You can choose according to your preference.

You can use VPN for unlimited time. But once you disconnect, your credit will deduct accordingly. So, in short you have to watch video to get coins and using that coins you can get premium VPN server access for free.


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