From Homeless to Millionaire : My lifestory

From Homeless to Millionaire : My lifestory

This is not an ordinary post. The methods discussed here are thoroughly tested so that they give the best outcomes. Hi, I am Rupak , a citizen of Nepal and living here at {ip:countryName} for two years. I love the environment and culture here at {ip:cityName} city. Before I discuss 10 proven methods to make a decent online income, let me tell you my backstory. If you want to skip this, you can goto to the list but this will be a motivation factor for you.

Back in 2010, I had just finished my studies from MIT in Robotics Engineering. But as my field was too much saturated, I struggled almost a year and a half looking for a stable job. In the meantime, I did all the part time jobs you can imagine. I used to live in an abandoned house near the subway. I did washed dishes, become waiter, storekeeper, factory operator, street singer, illegal side hustles, get paid to go on dates with rich women, under the table jobs and whatnot. I needed money desperately.

It was mid of 2012 when I was broke. The house i lived in got seized by local authorities as it didnt belong to me. I had no proper place to live. I used to sleep in public places like hospitals, parks, or sometimes request my job owners to stay in the restaurant along with plenty of terms of the owner. I had no knowledge on how to earn money as a kid.

One day while I was watching a football game on Restaurant projector, it was a euro league or something. There was an ad on TV that promised to give financial freedom by making money online and how to get  dollars fast. At that point, I was so happy because imagine a desperate guy who needed a stable and high paying job. The ad promised to have a decent income just by working from home and just with a laptop. I was delighted. I had $4700 and a few cents in my PayPal. I knew best way to save long term.This money was from easy side hustles.

The following day, I got to the store and bought a hp laptop. I had noted down the website name that was shown in the tv ad. I searched google and got the actual link to the website. It was easy enough to convince a broke person like me. The program or course he was selling retailed $999. I thought for a while because it was not easy for me to spend that much. That was hard saved money. But I thought it as an investment, I bought it. But there was another problem. I had no internet as I had no fixed place to live. So after researching for a while, I got to know about free wifi in coffee shops and airports. I used to finish my works quickly, and I also used the restaurant’s wifi, which I used to work on. I finished watching the entire course in around 12 days. The course taught few techniques to make money as a kid.

Now, there was another problem. At that point i have realized that life is series of problem and we have to solve them one by one. That course discussed few tools that need to be purchased in extra, and guess what, the tools had monthly subscription fees of basic plans starting at $99 per month. But considering my $999 spend on the course, it was just a portion of that. So, I purchased these tools, one at $99 per month and another $25 per month. I did everything mentioned in the course. But guess what, I made $0 in 2 months. At that point, I thought it was just a scam that uses needy people like us. I was unsure how to get free money on paypal on end of the month.

But I didn’t give up. Sometimes on sitting idle, I used to travel to my flashback and imagine the money I spend, it was around $1600. It was hard for a person like me, to spend that much money for nothing. During my free time, I explored the internet in search for online money making methods. Because now i had few knowledge, laptop and internet as well. Some promised that working moms could earn this much, some said zero skill needed. I gave them a try. With combinations of techniques, I made my first $100 in July 2013 from online jobs. I remember the day i when google mailed me that it has send me the money. By google i mean Google adsense.

As the days went by, I began exploring new tricks and techniques needed for making money from home. I tried affiliate marketing, blogging, CPA, data entry, secret shopper jobs, app installs, reviews, flipping furniture, illegal side hustles, surveys, youtube, domain flipping and whatnot. These methods are good in themselves, but if you don’t know the way, its all just trial and error. Don’t worry, I will share all my experiences, tips and tricks with you. You will need a good and proven blueprint in the online money making industry and technique too. I made a couple of hundred dollars in almost a year and a half to figure out how to set this up. I don’t want to brag because it is a result of my hard work, patience, and continuity.

If you are new to online money making, I must say that it's not fixed like what gurus say. The earning fluctuates every month. So, you should invest your monthly earning in other part-time physical businesses. You should know best way to save long term. It will help you to maintain stability. Also, another piece of advice I would like to give is its not like you have to quit your 9-5 job. You can do that in your part-time, and at first, you shouldn’t quit your job. The work from home, passive income, working moms can do, no investments, quit your boring jobs are phrases used to lure the newbies in buying their course. Due to my online job, I am able to work passively from anywhere as long as I have an internet connection. I can and have fulfilled my desires of life like travelling and exploring nature and new places, scuba diving, skiing, rafting, hiking and others thrilling activities. At first, I visited top travel destinations like paris, Madrid but later I realized that travelling is all about lifestyle and learning new cultures, exploring natural beauty.I now travel the natural beauty and wilderness compared to city tourists attraction. It also helps to maintain your budget and travel more places with same money. I have traveled most countries in asia, excluding Russia, china and North korea. Now I live in my own fully facilated apartment at {ip:cityName} at the time of writing this. Now i can teach you how to make money fast as a kid, working mom, college student.

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