Elon musk ,Epic games exchange sarcastic tweets after elon musk delete fortnite joke

Elon musk ,Epic games exchange sarcastic tweets after elon musk delete fortnite joke

The sarcastic war between Tesla's CEO Elon Musk and Epic games is on after Musk jokingly tweeted that he bought fortnite and then deleted the video game. The nicely constructed screenshot stated that he had to save these kids from eternal virginity. Elon Musk comes to trend often with either Tesla new technology ambition if not some sarcastic tweets like this one. The article seems to be an edited screenshot from some tech news site. The tweet is attached below.

This joke tweet, on the other hand, makes people think whether that was possible for Elon Musk. While some other groups of people argue that he can definitely do as he deleted Tesla and SpaceX facebook pages. But the thing that is to be considered is that deleting the facebook pages has to do with his willpower and didn't involve the money. If Elon Musk has to delete he has to buy Epic Games who own the game and have to delete it. Mathematically this is possible even though the Tesla stock prices rise and fall quite significantly. But in a clear and logical perspective why he spends his money to stop kids from playing the game. It like buying and destroying his wealth. Elon Musk is worth 19.7 billion USD net worth at the time of writing of this article while epic games worth between 5 to 8 billion USD.

Fortnite official Twitter responded by making an even more sarcastic tweet which stated a whole decade Elon musk build and linked a month old article. This basically refers that Elon Musk has other predictions about Building first base on Mars and the reality of his ambitions are hard to implement and buying Epic games is also a part of that.

This tweet is trending on twitter, and some are even joking that Elon Musk should buy Tseries which is second most subscribed Youtube channel and lately in trend topics after it came close enough to surpass PewDiePie the Swedish video game commenter. This tweet make other people make lame jokes about fortnite, and even some said the Fornite players have no social lives.

Elon musk deletes Fortnite is just a lame joke if you consider the reality. I can't understand why these people can't stop re tweeting the lame tweets.


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