Best Electric Wheel Chair on Steriods Jerry Rig Everything

1422 Best Electric Wheel Chair on Steriods Jerry Rig Everything

In this post, I will talk about and its product, which is not a wheelchair but helps people with disabilities improve their lifestyles. There are many times when we have ups and downs in life that are shocking and totally change their lives. Whether natural disasters or accidents, they have a serious impact on our lives. It is physically, if not mentally, challenging to deal with the consequences. And 80% of those who survive the disaster have physical damage such as broken legs, arms or loss of legs. For those who have lost their legs or cannot use their legs, often use a pair of crutches if it is temporary, and use a manual wheelchair if they have permanent leg damage. In the case of spinal cord injury, a manual wheelchair is a must.

With the increasing use of electric wheelchairs, there is a selection of electric wheelchairs on online websites. The electric wheelchairs are equipped with many functions such as chin and hand operation, leg height, tilting ability and seat height, seat width, etc., with various functions and types, the electric wheelchair is one of the most effective tools that is considered a plus for mankind. As I mentioned earlier, I will discuss a website on, which is also operated by tech Youtuber Zack as JerryRigEverything. Zack has teamed up with UK trucking companies to release the product, which is technically not a wheelchair, so it's called not a wheelchair. Apart from the name, the product is perfectly made, at least at first glance, because the product is tailored to his wife cambrie, who has a problem with her legs, which was a result of an accident while riding horses. The product is modified and tested for almost a year before it is released. Before we can proceed, we do not recommend people with spinal cord injury to drive at high speed.

Not a Wheelchair ? Then what is it

Enough of the back story, let's explore the product and the naming. According to Zack aka JerryRigEverthing, the wheelchair is given the name of a not a wheel chair, as it is an advanced version of what conventional manual wheelchairs work. Traditionally, the wheelchair is a chair with a wheel with a metal rim on the wheel and a brake. Even modern electric wheelchairs have no more functions than an electric handle and a battery and an adjustable seat. So why it is not a wheelchair? The answer is essentially its structure and traditional wheelchair structure plus some features that will tempt even non-disabled savvy people to try it out.


Not a wheelchair, also known as a rig, has four tires that are thick enough and comes with rubberized handles. It is one of the things that distinguishes it from being a wheelchair. It looks like a GO cart racing vehicle. The rear part has solid rear axles so it can be used off road without putting too much pressure on the rear wheels, and the wheels have enough friction to stick to the ground. The seat is foldable, the vehicle has a length of 5 feet and a width of 32 inches. The Vechile can carry charge or another person in the back and has a load capacity of 225 pounds. The vehicle is fully dismountable when purchased, so if you want a larger battery capacity, you can choose two battery systems. The capacity of a full charge for a battery is 10-20 miles range. The range differs in various factors such as road condition and, above all, the weight it carries. The front of the vehicle has a metal rod that takes the first impact as the bumper of the vehicle. The maximum speed of the vehicle has been limited to 12 miles per hour, and the braking system is hydraulic, which is very effective at stopping the vehicle than the rubber.

As an electric vehicle, it does not produce sound in intself. Brushless motors and hydraulic system are a perfect combination compared to all other high-priced wheelchairs on the market. The main attraction of this system is that it can travel to places that are not so easy to imagine if you are disabled. The only disadvantages are the wheels, which do not move as easily in the sand or loose gravel as other electric vehicles. These can be designed to meet the needs if you are a kind of do-it-yourselfer. What I forgot to mention is that this vehicle is very easy to maintain and repair, as the first prototype Zack worked on was made of other electric bikes. It is not IP certified and not waterproof, so be careful not to bring it to the beach.

Product Name:Not a wheel Chair (Rig)
Dimensions: 5 feet long and 32 inches wide (included seat width)
Max Speed:12 Miles per Hour (can be modified DIY)
Range:10-20 Miles (per Battery)
Brake:Hydraulic Brakes
Motor type:Brushless (No noise)
Spares:Local Bike Shop Compatible
Weight capacity:Less than 225 lbs
Price: $4750 USD (base variant with Full suspension)
Colors:White, red, green, pink, blue, dark green, black

Where you can take it?

You can drive to any public place under the American Disability Act, but you should have a certified disability document. Even if you are not a disabled person, you can get one for yourself or your children, but there are more restrictions on that vehicle in this case.

Ease of Use

The rig is very easy to operate and you do not need any help. It is easy to get off other wheelchairs and change here on your own. Even getting off is easy, only you have to remove a latch around the seat and you get to bed or your wheelchair. This wheelchair can be used in everyday life, but is more recommendable for outdoor adventures. Conventional wheelchairs do not allow you to travel, but due to their robust nature, quality of construction and overall system, you can enjoy your time outdoors. Seat width and seat depth of this wheelchair is comfortable and can be adjusted manually if you get one. You get maximum comfort with a soothing seat and adjustable backrest as well as upholstered armrests. It is made of high quality materials that ensure increased durability. Each armrest is set at a fixed height.


The pricing here is fair, considering the features and possibilities it can give back to you. The look is not so impressive, it looks like the homemade version and it is. Apart from the appearance, there is not much to complain about for me personally. Normal electric wheelchairs come with 2 wheels and little offroad capability and cost over 10k USD and some are even more expensive. The price for a wheelchair is $4750 USD, which is the price of the basic version. You can order the color as you like, such as white, red, green, pink, blue, dark green, black and if you don't want suspension it costs $3750 USD. The tire comes in two versions, one is road and another is buttoned. You can choose one of these options at no extra cost. Adding a $700 USD you can get two batteries in the system, which is useful in most outdoor adventures and long distance travel.

Final Thoughts

If you are a travel freak and this is limited by your disability, the not a wheelchair is ideal. Although it is fully usable at home or in everyday life, it can cause little effort in tight corridors. And, one more thing to keep in mind: you should not travel at high speed. In addition to the basic considerations mentioned above, there are some features you should look for in a high-quality wheelchair. Some will be a must for your loved ones, while you can compromise on others. If you want us to be a part of it, you can donate by using PayPal and using email under any amount.


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