Best and cheap iphone XR cases you can find in 2018

Best and cheap iphone XR cases you can find in 2018

As per the sponsored post on, Totallee has released a superthin cases line up for the iPhone XR. As per Apple's official statement, iPhone XR is going to be launched this month. The reviews of the cases and the quality makes Totallee a company recognized for high quality and thin iPhone cases manufacturer. Spoiler alert!! they are best and cheap iphone XR cases.

On this lineup, there are three iPhone XR cases: Super thin iPhone XR case, thin and clear iPhone XR case and the thinnest leather case for iPhone XR.


Here is the breakdown of the features and color variant you might see in the super thin case. The case is super thin and signifies its name. It is slim and sleek and only 0.02” thick. This lightweight cover is stretched on the fullback and to the sides. The case is super light weighing just 0.01oz which makes it suitable for the people who are a case, ignorant person. You must not be confused with its slimness with the level of protection it offers. It protects your iPhone XR with your daily activities while maintaining the form factor and at the same time not being bulky. This super thin iPhone XR case from totallee is available in Frosted Clear, Solid black, Navy Blue, Jet White, Jet Black, frosted black, grey.

best iphone XR cases


The next type of case is the thin and clear case. This case is soft and transparent. It is the most demanding type of case as most Apple fans like to keep their logo visible. So it protects your iPhone XR without adding any blocking material. You should not be worried about apple branding here. This TPU case is soft and durable so it can absorb the shocks, you can have the same feeling of iPhone and its most durable case for iPhone XR.

best iphone XR cases


The last variant in this totallee lineup is the thinnest leather for iPhone XR. This case is only available in black leather finish. There may be some color variant, but the company has just released this black leather version only. It is the case with the premium material which is genuine leather. The company has made this case thin by using its standard TPU clear frame and using the leather material. It is by far the world thinnest leather case. If you are using this for the first time, then you might feel a little different. The unique leather case offers leather texture with rugged and sophisticated feel.

best iphone XR cases

If you are ready for your new iPhone XR, then it is the case you might like to consider. The company offers 2-year warranty and ship in 2 business days. They have cases for iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone 7 and other iPhone lineups. The final piece of advice is you should consider buying a smartphone case of a reputed brand after reading its reviews. The case is mostly for the newer phones which offer wireless charging with glass back offering.


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