How to stream online shows free on iflix: The Netflix of Nepal

How to stream online shows free on iflix: The Netflix of Nepal

Streaming online shows and movies is popular nowadays in the teen and pre-adult age groups around the world. This is because the online content platforms are providing the engaging original shows that are solely available on their platform only. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime these are the market rulers in the online streaming world in their respective regions. In Nepal, the teens are also moving towards the global trend of watching the originals as well as movies and shows. The hookup of the mobile and the improved internet speed contribute the trend. In Nepal ncell the axiata owned telecommunication company has introduced iflix: The Netflix of Nepal and gaining popularity day by day.

Evolution of iFlix

Evolution media and Catcha group initially founded Iflix. Iflix is moreover similar to Netflix, but the audience is mainly based on the emerging markets. Iflix has a curated selection of tv shows, local and regional originals, live sports, movies and so on. It has a vast library of highly rated western television series, favorite shows, dramas, comedy shows, Nollywood and live events. The company has shaped the product more towards the regional originals which was in less priority initial product launch. This company strategy to serve from the ground level and progressively move higher has been a real success. The company has well established itself in the emerging markets where they can make a difference in the lives of people and provide quality content without any hassle.


Availability of service

Another thing to mention is the iflix is optimized to run on the network and device constraints that is prevalent in the growing market. Iflix was initially launched in Malaysia and Philippines and later partnered with the data service providers in Africa and the middle east. Iflix is now available in Malaysia, Philippines, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Sudan, Lebanon, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Morocco, Tanzania. Iflix is available in Nepal through the ncell the axiata owned telecommunication service headquartered in Malaysia. So users in Nepal can have seamless streaming of the iflix content.

Features of iFlix

Now, let's talk on some features of iflix that help to stand out in the competitive market. With iflix, the entertainment is right at your fingertips. With a low monthly subscription, users can watch on their devices irrespective of the screen size. You can subscribe and watch your favorite content on your mobile phones, android, ios, tablets, laptops, Tv whenever and wherever. The pricing is different, and subscription is generally partnered with the local or regional data operators. Iflix has two flexible options for viewing the content. Users can enjoy an entirely free version of iflix. You have to register a free account to get this service. However, if you want the VIP membership, then you can subscribe to the VIP membership which is comparatively low than its competitors. You can watch your shows in high quality (HD format )on any device. You have to enter the login credentials either free or VIP, and you are good to go. Seamless streaming in multiple devices here is not an issue here. If you have genuine reasons to stream on multiple devices at the same time, then you can do that too. It is limited to 2 devices at a time, but in my view, it’s the legit number. If you need to use iflix on more than 2 devices at the same time, then you can create another and subscribe to free or VIP subscription.

As talking of portability, the content is with you wherever you go. You can use the internet medium to access the content as well as use partner data operators to stream your content on our device. Even if you don’t have network connectivity or low signal reception, which happens in most of the times in emerging markets like Nepal, you can download and watch the content and watch it offline. The download file can't be shared with others and is stored in encrypted format so that piracy of the content is no concern. Others noticeable features of the app is you can get rewards if you engage more with the content. It merely means that the more you view the shows, episodes, and content inside the app you are eligible to get rewards and redeem partner offers. To keep the audience engaged this is not the only way the company has thought into. It does live streaming of the popular games, football matches, cricket, wrestlings, UFC, etc. when the content demands are insanely high. Iflix also has your tv channels inside the app. Honestly speaking it does not have all the TV channels, but the on-demand channels are being added daily.

iflix in nepal

For the app like iflix, the content and user experience are the most necessary factors. If iflix had simply copied Netflix or say Hulu, it wouldn't have been possible to be what it is today. For this they have dedicated people to curate content based on the region. The playlist features the curated lists that include celebrities playlist, mood-based collections.

Now let's discuss how you can use iflix in Nepal. It is brought exclusively to Nepal by Ncell. This step was taken after the acquisition of ncell by Axiata group of Malaysia. Previously Ncell was a company under Telesonera group. The requirement of  app is simple in Nepal. You need to have a ncell sim card and an android or ios device capable of supporting the app. The app is not that resource heavy, so you will be able to run the app on your general daily devices. There are excellent collections of TV series and movies and are available in Hd quality. Out of these collections, the popular ones have the Nepali subtitles if you have a problem coping with English accent. This also helps better understand the content if you are not really into English shows. Moreover, you can get 3 months of trial.

Getting Started with iFlix in Nepal

Steps you can take:

Download iflix app from Google play store or Apple store and I am assuming you have Ncell sim.
Create an account using the same number, and you are eligible for the access.
You can also get the service by purchasing service using ncell standard dialing codes.

Some helpful scenarios and solutions
Scenario #1

You want to setup iflix in tv
Solution: Get a smart Tv powered by Android and install the iflix app from play store. If you don’t have smart tv contact manufactures to see if they have different app specialized for the device.

Scenario #2

Iflix not available in your country or sorry we are not in your country yet message
Solution: Just wait for iflix to launch In your country or use VPN to access the content.

Scenario #3
iflix on a certain device

Solution: People have been searching for iflix on LG smart tv. iflix on Samsung smart tv and other models.The app does not guarantee that it supports all tv if they are not smart. Please purchase a smart tv powered by Android, go to google play store and download the official iflix app and watch your favorite shows. However, for some devices like LG smart tv which is powered by web OS iflix may have a separate app that may be available in LG app store. For Samsung smart tv it's generally simple as Android mostly powers them.

This is a detailed article on hope you like it. Initially, I like to keep it short, but later I was able to gather enough resources to write a detailed article that fit your needs. Thanks for reading the article.


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