How To Use Teamviewer For Fast and Secure Meetings


In this tutorial we are breaking down the steps for using TeamViewer for remote desktop communication. It is an application where you are able to have meetings or you can to set a remote desktop communication(also called as rdp).

Installation of TeamViewer is straight forward.First of all if you do not have Teamviewer installed you can install it from here.

Teamviewer Usage Scenarios

There are many uses of teamviewer. You can share your desktop with anyone for demonstrations or collaborations. Also if you're a tech student, you can have training sessions with other person that is expert in the field and it fees like learning with trainer beside you. Teamviewer also gives a ad-Hoc remote support with other people whose device you wish to connect.

It also provides a link between two PC's with different operating systems such as a Mac OS user may communicate with a Windows User. The best part is that TeamViewer also introduced Android Program and iOS App, by which you can be part of a meeting even if you're on a road. Not only meeting but device troubleshooting can be done on the fly rather than telling step to solve the issue.

How To Use Teamviewer – Step By Step Easy to follow Guide

Here's a step-by-step guide to on how to link communication between two computers using TeamViewer.

Installing on Your PC

  • Download teamviewer's Most Current version Free.
  • When download is complete. Find the Setup launcher from the Downloads Folder.
  • Now Verify'Install' and then select'Next'.
  • If you would like it to use Personally then choose'Personal/Non-Commercial'.
  • Again Select'Yes' to set up host licensing applications on the current computer and Confirm'Yes'
  • Select a Particular'Name' and'Password' then click Next
  • Now create an account on TeamViewer by supplying Username, Email ID and Password then click Next.
  • Click Finish.

Installing on Remote Computer / Buddy's PC

To use the teamviewer software both the users must have team viewer installed on their devices. Please follow each of the following easy steps in order to Install TeamViewer software on your friends computer. Except the last one, In there place the username and password that you created before. So that you buddy can use teamviewer to get your PC. So as to do inverse put his account credentials on your PC teamviewer.

Remotely Connect 1 PC with a Different

The PC That Is sharing is known as'Host PC' and the PC where you are located is known as a'Guest PC'

  • Open your Teamviewer from your Desktop shortcut or open using exe file.
  • Enter your Teamviewer account login credentials and login to your account.
  • After you'll login there'll be a'My Partner List' or'Colleague List'. In that list there'll be a Host PC that you've configured earlier.
  • connect, double-Click on that remote computer.
  • Now your Remote Control Display will be displayed on your window.
  • When you're done close the window, then it is going to disconnect.

For a number of the safety reason you won't be able to use some special important strokes such as Ctrl+Alt+Del.. Also that your TeamViewer wont work with no configuration of firewall on both PC's. As I wrote in the beginning of the tutorial which TeamViewer is also accessible Android and iOS Stores. Setting is Just as straightforward as it is on PC. You can find the program from the desired'App Store'.


So we hope you learnt well how to use Teamviewer. It is possible to remotely command Mac computer from Windows or vice versa. Similarly it is possible to control remote windows PC from Linux using teamviewer also. Additionally the mobile program of Teamviewer has made it simpler. That means you can have complete control on home PC from your android or iPhone when you're on the go.

Let us know if you face any difficulty using Teamviewer. We'll offer quick support.


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