How to hide files behind a images


There are many reason behind hiding files from others. Main reasons are files are important and confidential, it violates your privacy and so on. Whatever be the reason, hiding a file inside an image is cool. In this trick I am using command prompt. There are many tricks under command prompt from watching star wars dot animation to making annoying viruses. The whole process is : we will put the image and file we wnt to hide in a same folder then with the help of the command prompt we’ll merge these files under a single image file. So, Let’s get started

    • I have taken one image (droiddynasty.png) and a text file(cyberlink.txt) on my desktop. Actually the cyberlink.txt contains my license information so I want to hide it


  • Next you have to make a rar or zip file with the help of b1 archiver or winzip or winrar. I am using winrar 5.30 beta
  • Right-Click on the file and select add to rar
  • Now, type win+R to open Run and type cmd (for command Prompt)
  • As in example, my files are in desktop so change the default directory to desktop. So, type CD desktop. It looks like this:
  • Now type :
    Copy/b droiddynasty.png+cyberlink.rar hiddenfile.png
    ( Here my image file is droiddynasty.png and file is cyberlink.rar replace these names according to your file name and hidden file.png is name of final file . You can rename with any name you wish.
  • Try opening the image you’ll be able to view the image only. In order to open the file right-click the file and select open with.. and select winrar.

So there’s your file. Hope you get this. Thank you for reading this post. Any queries or suggestions use the comment box below


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