Penn and Teller Fool Us Season 7 Episode 4

Penn and Teller Fool Us Season 7 Episode 4
Penn and Teller Fool Us Season 7 Episode 4

If you are Fool Us Fan you might want to watch the latest episode 4 season 7 of Penn and Teller Fool us. This Season of fool us has been one of the best fool us season in its history. First episode was full of talented magicians who previously fooled penn and teller and were for their third time. It was Aired on Jun 22 on CW. The second episode and third episode was also a lot of great magic in this quarantine days. We have latest news on how to watch penn and teller fool us season 7 episode 4. We have managed to get information about latest episode of penn and teller fool us.

Where to watch Penn and Teller Fool US S07 EP04

As you know the first three episodes were aired on Monday on CW on 22 jun, 29 jun and 6 july respectively. Various Youtube channels uploaded the episodes and can be viewed on the CW App. Then what's special about episode 4 of season Seven. According to CW, Penn and teller season 7 episodes 1, 2, and 3 were pre-shot before this coronavirus pandemic and since they were running out of the fresh shows to entertain the audience they made a decision to run these episodes that were pre-scheduled to broadcast on later this year. But thanks to covid-19, we had and early glimpse of 3 episodes of the season.

Then, what about the episode 4 of this penn and teller fool us season 7 ? Well there has not been shooting of these episodes because of the pandemic. But it might be possible that the episode 4 to be delayed a week or so if they manage to edit the episode 4. But According to sources, episodes 4 has been in post processing and release later next week.And from episode 5 of this season, it will continue from late of August or Early September if everything goes according to the plan.

Watch penn & teller fool us season 7 episode 4

We have no link to the video but you can visit this blog, we will update when Penn & teller fool us season 7 episode 4 is aired. If you find it difficult, you can always watch penn & teller fool us season 7 episode 4 on the official CW mobile App or the official CW website. You can also download it.

OFFICIAL CW APP LINK: (season 7 episode 4)

OFFICIAL CW WEBSITE LINK: (season 7 episode 4)


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